Back to Rogue-like dev

After a long time from the last rogue-like video, much things are changed. First of all, game now is SHI-FI Themed! with substantial gameplay changes(but is to early to talk about) .

In this video you can see the auto-tiling in function on the base-floor and the door system. The cave-level is ready also, but i dont have the graphics for that.

Next step will the npc drop system end the loot around the levels…

For a quick prototyping my game I’m using the fantastic Lo-Fi Science Fiction tileset by Oryx Desing Lab.

Fingers Poker update 1.1 out and first italian review

We have hear all your feedbacks and this update is the first reply to those request!

- Added the option to play with a 4 colors deck, instead of the classic red-black.
- Added a “Settings” menu with some sounds tuning option.
- Added the option to modify the frequency of the timer’s sound in Time Attack mode
- NEW animations when the cards entering and leaving the playing board.
- More visual feedback when hand change.
- Bug Fix


Also the first review by Iphone Italia: link